Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Professional Advice to Rio Tinto Japan Assignment

The Professional Advice to Rio Tinto Japan - Assignment Example Rio Tinto launched a damage control and public relations initiative that was meant to arrest the situation and prevent the company from incurring other major losses as a result of the earthquake ( 2013). Although it was a success to a certain degree, the company accepted that it had been caught grossly unawares and unprepared (just like Japan) and therefore needed to build a level of preparedness that is sufficient to deal with such situations. This paper is aimed at achieving three things: providing professional advice to Rio Tinto Japan on how to handle the issues that arose from the earthquake. This will be basically done in four ways: a) Developing and using decision criteria to justify the choices among the ‘alternative’ courses of action. b) Based on the decision criteria, developing a range of realistic alternatives to address the ‘issues’ identified c) Deciding on a solution to the ‘issues’ derived from the ‘alternatives’. For each ‘alternative’, providing a justification for the solutions chosen or rejected. d) Providing realistic suggestions on how those ‘solutions’ could be implemented at Rio Tinto. ... It is my intention to avoid making a similar mistake when writing this paper, by being clear and objective with my points and presentations. At the end of this paper, I hope to have come up with a feasible and practical framework to guide Rio Tinto not only on how to handle the effects of the earthquake, but also to build a level of preparedness that makes it capable to deal with a broad range of disasters if and when they happen. I also hope to provide the company with invaluable advice on how to approach the issue of disaster management as a whole, and not just earthquakes. The company will, therefore, be able to avoid a similar scenario in the future. Decision Criteria a) Before formulating the decision criteria, it is important to outline the choices among the ‘alternative’ courses of action and accompany them with the appropriate decision criteria. Choices among the ‘alternative’ sources of action Decision Criteria Training employees on disaster prepare dness Awareness on how to react in case of a disaster. Conducting regular ‘drilling’ exercises Alertness and readiness in case of disasters Reconstruction of the office building to make it capable of withstanding certain disasters The office building should act as a buffer itself by protecting inhabitants from the initial effects of disasters. Acquiring and installing equipment to facilitate safety in case of disasters Warning mechanisms, protective equipment Improving and building communication Facilitate the sharing of information despite the occurrence of a disaster, hence making it easier to pursue courses of action.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Advertising public relation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Advertising public relation - Essay Example It is needless to say that the modern business world is extremely competitive. Therefore the companies look to find the x-factors to stand apart from the rest of the crowd so that the company becomes more interesting and appealing for the media and the public. A favorable reputation can help the company. On the other hand negative publicity can also have negative impact and damage the reputation of the company badly. In simple ways PR can be defined as a way to build up long term relationship with the public or customers. Although PR is an element of promotional mix and there are certain differences between PR and other elements, it is important to understand that positive can only be achieved by using each of the elements of the promotional mix effectively. The study looks to focus on the application of PR to aid the performance of a newly launched product in the market. The product selected is a ready-to-drink green tea. The concerns over the contents of the soft drinks have increa sed as people are becoming more health conscious. Also recent controversies related to the hygienic factors and product has not helped the reputation of the soft drinks. Although the product to be discussed cannot be exactly categorized as hardcore soft drinks, still the product is likely to serve purpose as the soft drinks. The study includes market situation analysis, probable PR strategy, different modes of communication to be used and also a way to successfully evaluate the PR strategy. (Chattopadhyay, 2009. P.370). Fun fruit Pvt. Ltd. is a six years old company. The company produces soft drinks made from fruits such as mango and pineapple. The company looks to achieve concentric product diversification through packaging and pricing strategy. Here it is to be mentioned that the company operates in UK market only. However, the company has launched ready-to-drink green tea called ‘Fizz’. The company looks to brings