Wednesday, July 24, 2019

INTERNSHIP PORTFOLIO Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

INTERNSHIP PORTFOLIO - Thesis Example There is a high level of turnover for subordinate positions that is caused by the frustrations that come from a non-horizontal structure with more job autonomy. Academic learning provided insight into the psychological mechanisms that drive employee behaviour and needs related to the work environment. This formal learning helped me to understand why some people in the workplace are more motivated and why others tend to be less productive. Gambrel & Cianci (2003) identify that employees have a need for affiliation and recognition from peers and from supervisors. Once these have been satisfied and there is a more team-based environment, employees can build on their self-confidence, and feel as though they are having a useful impact on their job environment as an element of power and control (Gambrel & Cianci). Personal notations taken throughout the course of the internship at ATF Bank indicated that there was not a unified and harmonious culture of belonging at this organisation with no structured (formal) or informal policies about group working and creating a culture of quality and interpersonal communication development. ... Many of the managers at the organisation were expatriate leaders send from France, the United States, and also Egypt because of their specialized knowledge in human resources and overall global finance. Many people from Kazakhstan had difficulty working with these cultures due to their social and management principles. For example, academic learning provided knowledge on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions framework that gives a very basic breakdown of different cultural values across the world. Blodgett, Bakir & Rose (2008) offers that collectivists have a strong value for group welfare and expect group loyalty as part of a larger family unit. In opposite accord, individualists value self-expression and want to work independently from others (Blodgett, et al.). Because of these differences between the foreign managers and those in the host country, coupled with no organisational structure that allowed for innovation and recognition, developing team-based systems and gaining peer s upport was next to impossible. A self-assessment profile, the Myer-Briggs inventory, gave me a strong inclination toward extroversion above all other principles on the scoring instrument. Churchill & Bayne (1998) describe extroversion as the ability to work well with others and able to focus with comfort on the external social world; a more interactive person. This fits well with my self-report on personality as I have always been a person that takes a visible leadership position when in social and work groups. This is why the need to negotiate conflict and understand cultural principles for foreign workers was so critical, since these skills are necessary for success in business and in a leadership role and

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