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Which aspects of the Hungarian 1956 revolution did the Soviet Essay

Which aspects of the Hungarian 1956 revolution did the Soviet leadership find most objectionable - Essay Example The revolution appeared as a consequence of hardened relationship between Hungary and the Soviet Union during 1950s, which led the masses of Hungary to demonstrate and protest against the imperial ambitions of the USSR. Soviet Union had occupied the territory of Hungary along with other East European countries after the World War II. Borhi says that â€Å"†¦the Soviet Union regarded Hungary as a prize of the Soviet victory in the World War II†1 Ever since then, Hungary constituted an important part of Soviet Union’s strategic aims in the region as well as its national interest. The revolution which started in October 1956 left the Soviet Union into the dilemma concerning the future of Hungary and the USSR political and economic relationship. Stykalin points out that â€Å"the Hungarian crisis of 1956 had confronted Moscow with a hard choice between the use of military or political instruments in its resolution†¦Ã¢â‚¬  2 Because of the benefits that the Sovie t Union was reaping out of its relationship with Hungary, it became imperative for it to resolve the issue using political and military means. The Hungarian revolution appeared to be objectionable for the Soviet Union in several respects viz. political, economic, geopolitical and imperial. The fact that Hungary was a sign of Soviet Union’s victory in the World War II and its hegemony in world politics, loosing Hungary could have signified the declining power of the USSR. Boyle says that â€Å"†¦if the Soviets showed weakness in Hungary†¦, it would make the Soviet Union seem very weak and would encourage the west to take further bold and aggressive steps†3 The geopolitical goals and fear of oppression from the Western countries, in particular, the United States and Britain, turned out to be the major causes of Soviet Union’s decision to invade Hungary and suppress the revolution through military action. Furthermore, Soviet Union

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