Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Change management of large scale enterprise Essay

Change management of large scale enterprise - Essay Example From the onset, it is important to note that enterprises exist to give value to their stakeholders through the operation in an atmosphere that gives value, while at the same time minimizing risks and the responsible utilization of the resources available. In an environment that is rapidly changing, the faster setting of directions and faster reaction to the change is essential as well as the sharing of the decision-making among stakeholders. Business enterprises that want to ensure that are successful implement overarching systems of governance in order to achieve business aims at all levels of operation and that IT governance practices and IT outcome are correlated in the sense that stronger IT governance practices give better IT governance outcomes. Business enterprises in general are complicated entities that must incorporate technological and financial systems operating in a dynamic market and business circumstances that are not certain requiring change management from time to ti me. Most of these businesses are large-scale with a distributed system characterized by highly complex that involves the interaction of many aspects including humans, services, applications and devices. Due to this complexity, enterprises may have inefficiencies such as unnecessary human labour and under-utilized information technology devices and the lack of modelling or optimization of the operations of the business. This leads to delays and latencies that may be caused by traffic bottlenecks and engineering or design that is imperfect that therefore requires the businesses to change or evolve into better forms that exhibits improved performance. In our research paper, we review the business enterprises as large-scale and distributed system with specific dynamics exhibiting a typical behaviour of which adaptability or system change is the key to the viability of the business. To pursue this, we postulate that the longevity of a business enterprise is determined by its ability to a dapt to changes over a long duration of time, depending on either the natural systems or the artificial systems that are dictated by intelligent but conscious decisions in line with the market conditions. Whereas previous work have focused on the structural features of information technology governance, there are concepts of IT governance that must be endeavoured in order to appreciate IT governance process and enterprise change. It is notable that regardless of the market dynamism, effective IT governance can only be achieved through the strategic integration of both IT and business decisions and the establishment of collaborative relationships amongst the stakeholders concerned. Therefore, the question that begs to be answered is what procedure or mechanism is necessary in the IT governance in the current business environment. Past studies have only focused on the structural mechanisms and ignoring process mechanisms that have resulted in partial leading to limited understanding o f IT governance. However, present studies address the social and procedural mechanisms for the governance of IT that makes it easier for any person attempting to manage large-scale enterprise change.

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