Monday, September 9, 2019

Research paper Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Research paper - Literature review Example 2)Preschool children refer to children that are on their early childhood education. It usually occurs to children before they are at a position of joining primary school. Though the ages may slightly vary, most of the preschool children are usually between the age of three and six years. This research examines pupils in this level of education for the prevalence of dental carries. 3)Early childhood carries refers to a kind of tooth decay that occurs to children that are in their first five years of growth after birth. Children can develop this condition in their infancy, either as toddlers or as preschoolers (Kail 2011, p.2). 4)Primary maxillary anterior teeth refer to the deciduous teeth that develop during infancy of which it comprises of the canines as well as the central and lateral incisors. These teeth are found on the front side. 5)Dentition refers to the teeth development from infancy to adulthood and the subsequent arrangement of the teeth in the mouth of an individual. It traverses from the arrangement of the teeth in the mouth, the kind, and the number of each type present in the mouth. 7)Cavitation refers to the presence of a cavity in a given tissue or an organ (Merriam-Webster 2014, p.1). In our context of research, it entails the formation of tooth cavities specifically touching on children teeth. 11)Sample frame refers to all the components present in a sampling area from where the sample will be obtained from. The sample frame can be made up of a variety of components, all of which helps in getting the data required by a researcher. 12)Dental examination deals with an analysis of the situation of the teeth in order to identify any potential anomalies that may require to be corrected. It is one of the requirements for good oral health. The research paper by Rahul, June, and Alan, Socio-Behavioral

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