Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Introduction to Organisations and Management Assignment - 3

Introduction to Organisations and Management - Assignment Example Business is a dynamic process governed by the economic, political and social environment in which it operates. Due to rapid changes in the operating environment entrepreneurs need to dynamic in their approach to devising and implementing strategies for growth and development. Businesses create opportunities within the community to grow and prosper. The report provides an assessment of the changes taking place in the business processes over the past few decades through a comparative analysis of the existing practices at H&M Consulting and Watson Engine Components. While Watson Engine Components exhibit a conventional style of management based on traditional values and practices, H&M Consulting offers a modern approach to dealing with its employees and customers. The strategic management practices here are based on innovative work culture that applies employee empowerment theories and open organization system that promotes employee commitment and proactive behaviour at workplace. The n ext few sections analyse these practices and highlight the significance of modern day management strategies through a comparative assessment of these two firms. ... In current business context, entrepreneurs re-engineer business processes to accommodate a flatter organization structure that necessitates free flow of information and knowledge to the workforce. Watson’s business strategy focuses on conventional business management approach that adopted a top down hierarchical structure. While this conventional form of management practice is successful in instilling discipline within the organization, it fails to motivate employees to perform better. Over the past few years Watsons has faced significant challenges in meeting the needs and requirements of the evolving business climate. The problems are evident in the difficulties faced by the organization in meeting delivery schedules and retaining employees. The management is opposed to innovative strategies that can help the company in boosting employee morale, productivity and performance efficiencies. The staff participation and involvement in decision making process within the organizati on is missing and the managers believe in adopting an authoritative style of leadership to promote business goals. Traditional organizations employees were provided with directives on how to get a task done and it was effective in accomplishing organizational goals. However, the employees simply followed directions and were not given the scope to think and act. This restricted their scope of personal and professional growth that had a negative impact on their performance in the long run. Participatory style of management is highly effective owing to their impact on employee decision making abilities, performance level, and positive reinforcement at work (Jelinek, 2010). â€Å"Business firms around the world are

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