Friday, October 18, 2019

Book Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Book Report - Essay Example Another of her clients was Jeremy Strohmeyer a nineteen year old accused of sexually assaulting and murdering a seven year old in a Las Vegas Casino bathroom. She was given the title of â€Å"Trial Lawyer of the Year on two different occasions. In 1997, she published her book â€Å"The Defense is Ready†: –Life in the Trenches of Criminal Law. In her book the talented, brilliant and outspoken author gives her candid opinions on this daring memoir as it leads us directly into the center stage of the court room for a stunning and first hand account of wisdom and folly and courage and timidity of both the victims and the defendants. It gives the reader a first hand experience of her interesting defense which is sinisterly interwoven in the fabric of Criminal Justice. This book lays down poignant facts by a passionately committed American lawyer who believes that anyone who is convicted of a crime, no matter how heinous it is, has a right to a high level defense against the existing indifferent state. â€Å"The Defense is Ready†, opens with her childhood in New York and goes on to tell us of a father who abandoned her, she writes of her training in the Defense at Los Angeles and goes on to tell of her stupendous success as a lawyer in high profile criminal cases. The book starts with the case Abramson handles between the two Menendez trials which she describes as her â€Å"claim to fame† She describes how she fought to the finish for a fair trial and with Abramson’s help he was acquitted. She offers a deep legal insight into the intricacies of the case using sharp pointers to lay down the facts. The language used was in conversational style and colorful but still it lacked key facts of the case. The lawyer brings out a clear picture of the selfless sometimes callous nature of the judges and lawyers in relation to their dealing with the victims and the defendants. In this autobiography â€Å"The Defense is Ready†, Leslie outlandishly exposes the

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