Friday, October 18, 2019

Clinical Ethics and Ethical Theories Assignment

Clinical Ethics and Ethical Theories - Assignment Example It has three components, namely (a) the key clientele which are elder residents (b) its contribution which is health care, and (c ) distinction which is serving the unique or distinct needs of residents. Needless to say, a mission statement need to be internalized by all health providers in the organization. Unfortunately, however, as in the case with many organizations even in other professional fields, mission statements are emblazoned in marble or metal print outside or inside edifices of organizations, but hardly internalized. Thus, in findings of professional accreditation by duly-authorized accrediting agencies, mission statements are not even in the conscious awareness of company people, being more aware of functions, not a mission. Correctly, the mission forms the standards of behaviour that tell us how human beings ought to act in the many situations in which they find themselves-as friends, parents, children, citizens, businesspeople, teachers, professionals, and so on.â₠¬ (Santa Clara University). In Revera Living, awareness of a formal mission statement which reflects the ethical principles of the organization’s pioneering founders is a reality. ... Integrity pervades the organization in all kinds of interactions for health care from the administrative to the clinical interrelationships. Compassion springs from the Christian culture of the organization wherein the least is regarded with no less care and attention. Excellence refers to the quality of services and is carried through from top administrators at the meso level to the lower echelon health providers at the micro level. On a macro basis, the excellence exuded by Revera Living is aptly demonstrated by the respect given by the state and the community for the residential organization, thereby ensuring it continued public and community support. Taken together, the core values as a framework give evidence of balance and harmony in all the domains of performance. Pointedly asked â€Å"performance of what, and to what ends? Such a question is well addressed in the case of the organization concerned (Onyebuchi, 2011). . Today, the successful experience and expansion of Revera Living to be today since 1996 a leader in Canada and places in the United States bear out the proof of an ethical framework translated into practical social reality. In truth, an ethical framework has turned into an ethical system based on feelings, religion, law, accepted social practice, or science.† (Santa Clara University). The Residents Council and the Family Council at Revera Living further demonstrate that the core of the organization, namely the resident elders and their families equally concretize ethical practice. The Residents’ Council empowers residents along autonomy to determine health care and living conditions. Supporting this internal council is the Family Council in

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