Thursday, October 17, 2019

Coping with racism as a latino in the US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Coping with racism as a latino in the US - Essay Example From the very first day the world was created, discrimination sprout its root as variety came to being. In the human world, people have been discriminated in terms of races, religion, color plus other specific details. Every day as we carry our daily activities, discrimination is in the face of everyone with mean, what matters is, what kind is it. In the American society, cultures and races which were not initially part of the American, especially immigrants, commonly face discrimination. Every year, approximately 20,000 cases concerning racing discrimination are reported according to the National discrimination council of the United States of America. The Latinos and blacks are common people discriminated in the United States. Discrimination in general is not a good thing among the human beings since all human s are humans and not special from one another. Since Latinos are among one of the races discriminated in the United States, different reactions have been expressed by the community in term of how they are treated. Innocent people yearly usually come from the Latino speaking continents in search of better pay in the United States, only to realize there has been pre-existing discrimination towards their community. From the psychological point of view, one would argue that the discrimination might not be only racial in character, but something deeper, and more pertaining scramble for good jobs. The Americans think that the Latinos would take most of their jobs and displace them in senior posts (Chavez 2011). It is always normal for human beings to feel jealous for development of other people, but when they express it physically, and then it will be counted as discrimination. As like other American of color these very hardworking Latinos are subjected to widespread and intense hostility, exploitation and discrimination. They are often cheated out of their income and denied basic needs and public

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