Friday, August 9, 2019

Does the advent of globalization require a new set of approaches Essay

Does the advent of globalization require a new set of approaches - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the advent of globalization and the shift in power structure has prescribed the exigency to reexamine existing political theories and political philosophy that govern state relations. Moreover, there is also a requisite to reevaluate the political framework effected on the domestic affairs of the state as the current gauge utilized for political analysis, according to leading political experts, fail to factor the fundamental issues that govern a country’s relationship with its population. These issues are said to be the consequences of the ‘global economic and information systems’ and the challenges resulting from powerful ‘ethnic and tribal forces’. However, there are other political scientists who contend otherwise. Hirst and Thompson, for instance, are skeptical of the ‘extent’ of globalization as ‘capital mobility’ does not generate a robust ‘shift of investmentâ€⠄¢ and labor requirement from the economically advanced countries to the developing territories of the globe. Similarly, Hay, partly skeptical of globalization, put forward somewhat similar contentions as according to him, it would be erroneous to assert that the consequences of globalization depict uniformity in every region of the world. As the effects of globalization in the previous and the current decades cannot be discounted, studies in the different areas of society stress the fact that the impact of globalization, from the biggest to the smallest state is apparently considerable.... This impact, of course, varies from one state to another as political, economical, socio-cultural and technological aspect of each state all across the globe vary considerably. Moreover, even economically advanced countries like the United States is not impervious to the effect of international and transnational occurrences such as terrorism and economic events. Other countries, considered vulnerable and less formidable in terms of economy or stability, apparently yield more to the impact of external forces as compared to the economically robust countries. But however significant or trivial the effects are, it is considerable to note that almost every country in the world is affected by globalisation in the present century. One of the actors that contribute to the transnational, international and domestic setting in politics and economics is technology, more specifically recent advancements in communications technology. The progress in this field, in turn, hastened the effects of globalisation in the last half of the century as well as the in the present decade. The progress that human beings have made in the field of information and communications technology brought about changes not just in our daily business affairs but also in the affairs of the state, in the world economy and in international and domestic politics. The advent of the World Wide Web and the Internet technology, which transformed the way we acquire information, is a significant aspect of globalisation as it accelerated the attainment of our goal to become 'global citizens' and internationalised persons. Sceptics like Hirst and Thompson, for instance, asserted that during the last half of the 20th century, globalisation remained a

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