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Lidership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Lidership - Essay Example Please note that your final product will remain on file at WGU. Domain: Graduate-Level Business Core Leadership Subdomain Subdomain 315.1 - Leadership (s0265) Competency 315.1.4: Team Development and Leadership The student understands the process of team development and leadership. Objective 315.1.4-02 Describe how groups evolve into teams. 315.1.4-04 Describe how to build trust among team members. 315.1.5-02 Describe the common management mistakes that lead to team failure. 315.1.5- 03 Describe the common problems for team members that lead to team failure. 315.1.5- 05 Select the type of team (advice, production, project, action) that is appropriate for a given situation. 315.1.5- 06 Justify the selection of a particular type of team (advice, production, project, action) for a given situation. Assignment Instructions Given: Case: Jeanne Lewis at Staples Inc. (A) (Abridged) Write an essay (5-7 pages) analyzing team building and team leadership as it relates to the Jeanne Lewis case. A. There were a number of teams that evolved at Staples. 1. Identify one example of the evolution of a team at Staples 2. Describe three (3) elements that were present and necessary for the evolution of that team. B. Describe the development of trust within one of those teams by using at least three (3) guidelines for building trust among team members. C. There are a number of management mistakes that can lead to team failure in an organization. 1. Identify at least four (4) common management mistakes that lead to team to failure; and, 2. Explain whether any of those mistakes occurred in Lewis's marketing team, using an example to support your explanation. D. There are a number of common... A major element that influenced the effective functioning of this core team can be designated under Bartolom√Ƀ ©'s number one guideline for building and maintaining trust--communication. According to Professor Bartolom√Ƀ ©, one needs to "Keep team members and subordinates informed by explaining policies and decisions and providing accurate feedback". Looking at Staples background, one sees that according to Suesse, "they [the founder's core team] hashed out virtually every decision together, early on developing the discipline to back up their intuitions with hard data". Other important guidelines for building trust among team members include support, respect, fairness, predictability and competence. One can see respect in the shared decision-making authority within this team, fairness in their willingness to "hash out" important decisions as equals, instead of a timeframe getting imposed from above, and competence in each member's consummate professionalism. One mistake that Lewis ma de with her transition to the marketing merger team fall under category number two: failed to build group cohesion and trust. This is often a problem when a manager makes a lateral transition into a new department.

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