Monday, August 12, 2019

Global communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global communication - Essay Example As a result of this, Bellsouth Corporation had to cut its operating costs and on capital spending. Since IT and back office services constitute about 20% of the company's operating costs, outsourcing the same to countries where services are cheap was an ideal way of cutting costs for Bellsouth. Bellsouth tied up with Accenture in 1998 as its IT outsourcing strategy partner to help it achieve improved service levels, on budget performance and on time delivery. To cutthe rising costs of ongoing maintenance and enhancement of IT applications and to maximise profits in order to utilize the same for future capital expenditure, Bellsouth began strategically evaluating its offshoring capabilities to further reduce IT costs and Project Horizon was born. Project Horizon's business objectives include offshoring resources to reduce maintenance and development costs of IT applications while maintaing the same workload and service levels and taking advantage of the differential cost savings. Results of application - The cost-savings initiative will enable Bellsouth to reduce IT expenses and save 45 - 70 % in outsourcing costs, which translates into an estimated savings of $ 275 million over five years

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