Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Video games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Video games - Essay Example The player develops the sportsman spirit and learns to take failures into stride. Instead of going to sleep during daytime, it is better to play some inspiring video games that boost the energy level as they enliven the spirits of the player. The thinking capacity of the mind sharpens as you think of moves and counter moves. One also develops a challenging trait which enables an individual to face difficulties with courage in real-life situations. With the theory/practical knowledge available through the internet, an individual gets the knowledge of different types of games from many countries. To play a game, an individual need not leave the place of residence, and waste time and money on conveyance and relax in the homely atmosphere and adjust the playing time according to convenience. Drew Guarinà ­ (2013) writes â€Å"A study from the University of Padua throws cold water on the idea that video games are bad for the brains of young children. In February, the Italian researchers presented evidence that playing fast-paced video games can improve the reading skills of children with dyslexia†. By playing the same videogame a number of times, we attain perfection and speed. Winning the games provides the satisfaction and confidence and that will help us in real-life situations. So we should develop the art of playing video games without getting addicted to

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